Нагорна Наталія Анатоліївна  Нагорна Наталія Анатоліївна,
  учитель англійської мови
  навчально-виховного комплексу
  "Кіровоградський колегіум-спеціалізований
  загальноосвітній навчальний заклад І-ІІІ ступенів-
  дошкільний навчальний заклад-центр естетичного виховання"
  Кіровоградської міської ради Кіровоградської області



Навчальна мета: 
– учити учнів комбінувати 2-3 речення у логічній послідовності на основі мовленнєвої ситуації;
– навчити учнів вживати лексичні одиниці на рівні понадфразової єдності;
– розвивати навички говоріння;
– вчити учнів розуміти незнайомі слова на основі контексту;
– систематизувати лексичні одиниці до теми.

Розвивальна мета:
–  розвивати навички роботи в групах;
– розвивати мовну здогадку та мовленнєву реакцію учнів.
Виховна мета:      
–  виховувати культуру спілкування;
– виховувати взаємоповагу та взаємодопомогу;
– виховувати любов до іноземної мови та активне ставлення до її вивчення.

1. Greetings

T: Good morning! I am glad to see you! How are you today? Well, let us start our “Cinema Quiz”. I hope it will be interesting for you.

2. Conversational warming-up.

Task 1

T: Look at the blackboard. Here you can see different ways of spending your free time. Now, say what you prefer doing and explain why.(The students use such structures as I like / love / enjoy / prefer I am crazy about / good at / fond of) e.g. I enjoy watching cartoons because they are funny.

Task 2

T: Well, now we know much about our likes and preferences. However, in different situations we like doing different things. It sometimes depends upon the weather or the season or the place we are in. Look, here we have the beginnings of the sentences. Finish them, please.

–  If the weather is warm and sunny, I …
–  If I have summer holidays, I …
–  If I have winter holidays, I …
– If I am alone at home, I …
–  If I feel tired, I …
–  If the weather is awful, I …
–  If I am with my friends, we …
–  If I go on holidays with my parents, we …

3. Contest “Cinema Quiz”

Student 1: What is a hobby? It is what you like doing. Different people like doing different things.

Student 2: Different people have different hobbies. Some people like collecting stamps or badges, reading books, growing flowers, going to the cinema or to the theatre. Hobbies help you to learn many interesting things.

Student 1: A lot of people are cinema-goers. Cinema is very popular.

Student 2: You can see different films: comedies, musicals, cartoons, feature films, detective films and historical films.

Student 1: All people have hobbies. They make our life interesting.

T: Three teams will compete in our contest today. Your home task was to think of a name to your team. Are you ready to introduce your teams now?

Task 1

T: I’m sure you know lots of words for talking about film and cinema. Let us see how quickly and correctly you can match the pictures to the words.12
Task 2

T: You friend invites you to go to the cinema. Match the responses to the questions.

Do you like musicals?

Yes, musicals are my favourite type of film.

Do you like horror films?


No. I find them too scary.


Which cinema shall we go to? How about Cinemedia?

Cinemedia is too far away. You need a car to go there.

I’d like to go and see a cowboy film. What do you think?

I’m not keen on westerns. I’d prefer to watch something different.

Would you like to see a romantic comedy?

I don’t mind romantic comedies, but I’d rather see a thriller.


How about going on Wednesday?


Wednesdays are good for me.

Shall we go and see a film on Saturday afternoon?

I’m busy at weekends. How about a weekday evening instead?

Task 3

T: Now that you are invited to the cinema, you have to choose the type of movie you fancy watching. Do you know the kinds of films well? Look at the picture dictionary and pronounce the words after me.


T: Great job! The next task of our contest is to do the crossword puzzle. Let us get started!


Answer Key: Across: 5.science fiction 10.horror 11.romance 12.fantasy

         Down: 1.historical 2.musical 3.action 4.western 6.documentary 7.war 8.comedy 9.cartoon

Task 4

T: Every time after going to the cinema, we are full of wonderful impressions and positive emotions. So is Alison, who has written a letter to her friend Marisa about going to the cinema. Each sentence has a missing word. Your task is to complete the sentences in the letter choosing the correct word from the box.


Task 5

T: Now we are going to have a cinema quiz. As in every quiz, you have to answer quickly and correctly. If you make a mistake, your point goes to the next team. You will get a point for every correct answer. So, ready, steady, go!


Task 6

T: I guess, it’s high time to return from the cinema and speak about our favourite TV programs. Look at the next handout and do the tasks correctly to get additional points.



T: Your work was brilliant! I thank you for your active participation!