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Psychologists have proved that people who have no sense of smell can become schizophrenics. Now you see how important it is to surround yourself not only with good people, but with pleasant fragrances as well. For you to learn more about the scents and their influence on people, let us read the text. While reading you will match the odors to the effects they have on people.

  1. Peppermint    B) Vanilla    C) Jasmine        D) Lavender

__________ is generally invigorating. _________ scent increases activity in the brain area that wakes us up in the morning. Research has shown that exercisers run faster and do more push-ups when exposed to the scent.

_________ is a sleep aid. Research has shown that the scent of _______ in your bedroom leads to a more restful night of sleep and a greater level of alertness the following day. Other labs have found that the scent increases the brain waves associated with deep sleep.

________ is generally relaxing. Exposure to _______ scent can decrease heart rate. Use the scent for unwinding at bedtime, or take several whiffs to recharge yourself during work breaks.

_______ helps to lose weight. It works as a replacement for the pleasure that you would get from eating sweets—but without the calories. This is not a scent you would use if you had an empty stomach, because it’s likely to just make you hungrier. But if you’ve had a healthy lunch at burniva, it can help prevent the craving for a chocolate bar afterward.

Health, wealth and happiness are what we all aim for in our lives. Unfortunately, many of us are lucky if we achieve one or two out of the three. Worse still, there are many more people around the world, who have little chance of achieving any. Who suffers most from the lack of food and clean water? Right you are. These are children. But if we do at least a little, we can help them to live. This is what the following song is about. Listen and fill in the missing words. Listen again and sing along.

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(Song “Help them to live” Textbook “Click On 3” Unit 8)

Help them to Live

Think of all the children in the world

How many are as fortunate as you?

You have food to eat and somewhere 1)________ to live,

You have clothes to wear and water to 2)________ too.

         We have to fight to save the children,

         We all have so much to give.

         We have to try to save the children,

         Help them to live.

There are children in the world who have no 3)________,

Who live all alone out on the city street.

There are children with no 4)________ to survive

Who can’t afford to buy a single thing to eat.

There are children who live under cloudless skies

Where the crops may never see a drop of 5)________.

There are children who need medicine and care

But no 6)________ are around to heal their pain.

We have money, we have 7)_________ and we have 8)_________,

We have enough of everything and much to spare.

It’s our duty to the children of the world

To offer 9)________ and show them that we care.

Keys: safe, drink, homes, money, rain, doctors, food, love, help

Now let’s see which words you’ve filled in. Will you please read the lines with the inserted words.  Have you noticed that all these words represent basic essential things, the things we can’t live without. So, what do we need to live a happy life?

We are going to watch a short video about it. Watch and listen very carefully, as you will do a task after the film.

Task “Correct me if I am wrong”

  1. The planet’s climate stays the same.
  2. Farmers are hit the hardest by the climate change.
  3. Farming communities have to adapt to new economic rules.
  4. Climate smart agriculture is a brand-new approach.
  5. It is absolutely essential to expand the evidence base.
  6. Improving policies is the second law of smart agriculture.
  7. Only central institutions should be supported.
  8. Food security depends on how we treat our planet.

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