ОІН - АВАТАРКА-2Сіденко Л.І.,
  учитель англійської мови
  Скалівсько-Хутірської загальноосвітньої школи  I-III ступенів
  Новоархангельської районної ради
  Кіровоградської області

(Позакласний захід з англійської мови у 4 класі )

Objectives :
– to revise vocabulary on the studied topics;
– to develop pupils' listening, reading and speaking skills;
-to develop pupils' imagination and communicative skills;
– to encourage pupils to group work;
– to have fun.
Equipment: CD-player, handouts, topical pictures.


    T: Good morning, dear boys and girls. I am glad to see you. How are you?

    P1, P2, P3, …: I am fine! I am fantastic! I am all right!

   Teacher: Today we are going to have a language contest “Who knows English Best?'' We have two teams. This is the team “Wizards” and here is the team “ Magi- cians”. Let's greet each other. Look, the tasks for the teams are on the petals of this flower. You can choose a petal and get a task. And now let me introduce our jury – pupils of the eighth form. I see that you are ready to start. Let's repeat our chant:

  P s:  English is easy,

         Come on and join in!

         English is easy-

         Let's begin!

  Teams' capitains in turns choose the petals with the names of the contests on them.

1.The contest “ A Picture Story”.

Teacher:You have one minute to look attentively at a picture to remember as many details as possible. (In a minute). In groups read the story based on the picture and choose the ones which are true.2016-03-24_101539

     It is winter.  The day is sunny. A bear is skiing. His scarf is green and his mittens are yellow. The bear is wearing short pants. His pants are yellow and red.

    I can see three mountains. There is some snow on the mountains.  I can see three trees. There is  a lot of snow on all the trees. I can see a snowman. It is near a tree. The snowman has a blue cap on his head.  The bear is glad.

     2. The contest “Odd Man Out”.

Teacher: Read groups of words and underline the odd word in each line.

                  sister   brother  uncle  boy

                   Maths History Monday Crafts

                   teacher  sharpener  glue  ruler

                   frosty cold sunny winter

                   forest river ocean sea

                   seal desert penguin camel

                   kitchen wardrobe mirror cooker

                   mouse goose sheep house

     3. Contest “ Musical Pause”.

 Teacher: I know that all of you like singing English songs. Now each group will sing its favourite song.

     4. Contest “Let Me Introduce Myself ”.

Teacher: Every pupil of a group has to introduce him/herself in two sentences.

P1. My name is Dasha. I like to play with my friends after lessons.

P2. I'm Slava. I want to travel to the North pole.

P3. My name is Nastia. My favourite lesson is Art because I like to draw.

P4. I'm Svitlana. I like to listen to English songs and to speak English.

P5. My name is Denys. I don't like PE but I like Computer Science and Maths.

P6. My name is Aliona. I have got a hamster called Fatty.

P7. I'm Liza. I like to help my mum in the kitchen.

P8. My name is Nazar. I like to read books about magic.

P9. I'm Roma. I like to drive a bumper car.

P10. My name is Karina. I can make a cheese and tomato pizza.

P11. I'm Max. My favourite season is summer because my birthday is in July.

P12. I'm Bohdan. I can't do yoga but I can do karate.

     5.Contest “Find the Picture”.

Teacher: Look, here I have got some sentences describing the pictures stuck everywhere in our classroom. You must read the sentences and label them to the right picture. Each team has got 5 sentences.

Team 1                                                                  Team 2

1.There are not many cars in my street.  1. There are a lot of cars in my street.

2. In summer it is usually sunny and       2. There are a lot of flowers in summer.


3.My aunt and my uncle live in the         3.My aunt and my uncle bought an old

country.                                                     farmhouse.

4. I am not wearing a pirate costume.       4. I'm not playing computer games.

5. My sister is good at swimming.            5. My friend  Taras is good at swimming.

     6. Contest “I Love Maths”.

Teacher: I know that you like a lot of subjects at school. Dasha's favourite lesson is Ukrainian, Liza likes Sports and Reading, Nastia likes Art, but I am sure that all of you like Maths. The task on this petal is to solve a Maths riddle. Here it is.


Our class has two Bellas,

Two Jims and two Stellas,

Three Anns and three Dicks,

Five Kates and four Nicks,

Six Sams and eight Bills,

Five Nells and two Jills,

But we have only one Paul.

Can you count them all?

      7. Contest “Find the Hidden Sentence”

Teacher: In groups read the sentences from 1 to13 and circle the letter in the column

“True”or “False”. Then write the hidden sentence on your sheets of paper.





Polar bears live in deserts.



Christmas is in winter.



There are five weeks in a month.



Five plus sixteen is twenty two.



It doesn't snow in summer.



Lion is not a dangerous animal.



October is the hottest month of the year.



Winter is colder in Ukraine than in England.



Penguins live in the Black Sea.



In winter I made a funny snowman with my friends.



The Dnipro is the longest river in Ukraine.



Cats like fruit and vegetables.



The best place for bears are tropical forests.



Teacher: And now our language contest is over. You have done all the tasks. I'm glad to see your smiling faces. All of you have been active and have had fun. I see that you like English and I am very pleased with that. You have proved that you are real “Wizards” and “Magicians”! Let us see what the results are.  Now it's time for our jury to take the floor. The score is … to … .   The “…” have won. Congratulations! Have a nice day!



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